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Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our business that We hope makes it easier for you to do business with us.

At this site, you will discover all about our services. Feel free to browse around this site. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

What We Do

Grimm Creations has been serving the Web Design & Computer Repair community since 1997. We specialize in Web Design & Computer Repair services.

We service the San Diego County Area along with providing online services with Tech Support and Remote Assistance.

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We make house calls within the San Diego County Area. Pricing varies on specific needs.

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These two links are free to Students:


All items in this section are free of cost. The only way you will be charged is if you select a product or AD that asks for money on the site the links go to. Be sure to read everything on the sites before downloading or purchasing anything. Sites change often so policies and prices can change quickly.

Often times free software has bundled stuff checked when you go through the process. Adobe Flash player is an example. On their download process they have Mcafee Scanner checked by default. To not bundle that with flash player you have to uncheck the box before you continue. ALWAYS READ EVERYTHING before clicking continue on anything.

The links will be updated and checked as often as possible. If you come across a dead link or a problem, be sure to contact us so we can fix the issue.

Free Information & Tools

Free College Courses Online

Free Virus Removal Tools - Symantec

Free CSS Templates

Free Flash Templates

Free Photos

Free Avira Antivirus

Free AVG Antivirus

Free Malwarebytes Scanner and Remover

Free CCleaner

Avast Free Antivirus

Free Zone Alarm Antivirus & Firewall - To install the antivirus you must first install the firewall then reboot, go into the software and click install antivirus. Then reboot again to finish and be protected.

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Tutorials & Alerts


Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit in Action


Speed up Windows 10 - System Tweaks

PC Speed UP






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Our Services

We specialize in Computer Repair & Web Design Services, however we do offer other services as well depending on specific needs. Examples would be:

Secretarial Work, Logo Creations, Scans, Slideshows, CD/DVD Photo Albums, Printing Services, Advertising such as customized products or business cards...and other miscellanous services.

We are always advancing the skills based on the needs of the public. We do NOT do Web Design in relation to Porn, Abuse, or anything Illegal. Do not bother asking. You will be rejected.


Copyrighted Materials

This site is copyrighted. Nothing on this site may be taken or used without prior written consent. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the Contact information on the bottom of this page.

The free products that are referenced on this page do not belong to this company so download at your own risk and like stated before, ALWAYS READ before downloading or installing anything. We usually use Virtualbox to test software before installing on a main used computer or device. You can download Virtual Box free of charge here:



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Feel Free to Contact Us for questions or feedback.

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